NY Skyline and Weepin’ Over Women

by Greg

The day after Christmas was the time to take off to NYC. The city that never…  It was quiet. I hit Chinatown and checked in at the old haunts. “It’s changed”, everyone says. It’s always changing. From the moment you get there you’re stepping in a river of life. So I kissed the girl goodbye and made my way to Nashville to catch up with Breck at his studio in the east side of the city. Nashville’s changing too. Brother Z is still slinging wings with the finest ribs in the world and the baristas are out in force now. The new dreamers are making the place their own. Late night lavender lattes is what’s happening after a gig now, mighty tasty. They’re making the life nice, spreading good vibes, looking after each other.

Breck made a few calls and Christine and Kyle called over for a studio session. They’d been playing together since college and they have a solid connection when it comes to rhythm. I had a few chords I liked and we strung together a backing track for a song that didn’t exist yet. That evening Breck introduced me to Fawn Larson’s voice. She’d sung on a couple of his tracks and I fell in love. The melancholic drunk that haunts my imagination came out to sing with her bartender alter-ego and they ripped it up in the bar with only one song on the jukebox. Breck spent the night manning the engine room and mixed it all just before I left for the airport to fly to Havana for Latin flavors and some warm weather. Fawn kindly dropped me to the airport and I haven’t seen her since.

Now I’m back in Dublin playing with the greatest band in the world, The Love Tailors, who’ve been keeping me in their psychedelic submarine for three years writing the soundtrack to a Sci-Fi movie that doesn’t exist yet… yet.

It sure was nice to get back to the old USA, visit the epicenter of American music and steal away with a song and a voice. If you enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed making it then you’ll like it twice as much as you should.

Keep it Funktry y’all..