Weepin’ over women isn’t just a silly love song, it’s a song about the struggle to get back after life has crashed into you and knocked you over.  Its rough and gritty production belies its clever construction as a three act play condensed into three minutes. This song touches on our shared human experiences and uses a simple idea, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, as a metaphor.  In the final act, which isn’t boy gets girl back, but boy sees what’s really going on, sees that he was holding himself down. That really he is free, free to sing the song of life his way and on his terms, as we all are, no matter what our gender, race or creed. We’re born free but have to struggle to live free in our minds and our hearts.  

An accidental meeting at a recording studio led to the collaboration with Fawn Larson who’s incredible voice brings a wealth of emotion to the record. The rapport was instant between them with the vocals being recorded side by side in a couple of takes.  Kavna had written the song in Dublin but was on the road, visiting New York, Mexico and Cuba, but it was while passing through Nashville in the depths of winter that he and Fawn met and collaborated. The spark between them creates a captivating scene of loss and redemption.

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