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When you leave the world is full of possibilities
When you leave a door is closed
When you leave doors open
When you leave you can say goodbye to what was.

‘When You Leave’, the new album from Greg Kavna is about leaving and staying and all the things that happen in between. The songs are a reflective and contemplative journey through the conflicts involved in making those decisions. The fall out, the people that pick you up, the ones let down, the resolve, the searching, the wondering, the leave taking.’When You Leave’ was recorded one Friday night, 20th April 2012 in Midtown Manhattan between 8pm and 5am. There were big changes happening in his life and Greg’s heart was bent out of shape. Combine Greg’s compositions, voice, guitar playing, a mis-shapen heart and a late night recording studio… the result is a soulful and sometimes haunting rendition of mostly new recordings alongside a couple of old favourites.

After ten years in the East Village Greg took his jaded heart and headed to Connemara in the West of Ireland. There he met photographer Michelle McCarron who’d recently returned to Ireland after 17 years in San Francisco. Like two homing pigeons they re-adjusted to Irish life. They walked the bogs and climbed the hills, downed a few pints and drops of the hard stuff in between. Sitting in front of the fire one evening he played ‘When You Leave’. Michelle liked it so much that she decided to make a video of it.

Greg travelled on and spent time in France, Greece and Malawi before returning to his hometown of Dublin. There he met up with his old mates and stalwart musican friends Declan Quinn and Zamo Riffman. They stayed up all night listening to all of the music they’d composed between them, including this recording. His mates persuaded him to release it.

After almost a year he returned to the East Village. Coming back to New York Greg felt that New York buzz again. ‘New York’ he says ‘is a great city’. When you leave, it’s sometimes good to come back.