Dublin born, New York based singer/songwriter Greg Kavna writes heart felt songs from turbulent experience.

He releases his third album, ‘When You Leave’, in digital format only. It’s collection of stripped down productions, consisting of only guitar and vocal, lovingly recorded over two night in New York City. The album combines Kavna’s excellent guitar playing with his emotive voice. This new album sees him discarding all production to produce something emotionally honest. No overdubs, no edits, each track – one take.┬áThe release coincides with the completion of a sumptuous video to accompany the title track. Shot on location it places the haunting tune against the dramatic landscape of the West of Ireland.

Born in Dublin, Kavna was well know for fronting Rock and Funk outfits in his home town. He decamped to New York to improve his playing, singing, production and writing which led him to working with some of the many great musicians in New York. He has released three albums combining an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from electronica to orchestrated rock. A Culture Ireland funded artist Kavna was given a grant to stage a concert of original music at the Connelly Theatre in the East Village. With a string quartet and a synced visual light show they rocked the theater with some of the top players from NY’s jazz, rock and classical scene. Breaking barriers and pushing the music somewhere new has always been Kavna’s aim. Well respected in the New York music scene for his production and engineering abilities Kavna gets involved in every aspect of his (and others) work.

With the new release he is moving into new territory, dropping his guard and letting the listener right inside what’s really going on.

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