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Comparisons… judgements… rulings….

Some people love the Eagles, some people fucking hate the Eagles… I think this cover of a Tom Waits song by the Eagles when compared with the original might establish the origins of that hatred. I’d love some comments on this for the craic like. And while we’re in a comparing kind of mood have […]

Sunday Groove

Heard this track on the radio this morning.. still some good stations here in NYC Jaysis it’s groovy… Instruction for use: 1. Apply tune to air. (Use a large stereo if possible) 2. Stand up. 3. Close eyes. 4. Move in the way and only in the way that the music makes you feel. 5. […]

Lloyd Cole

Had the incomparable pleasure of having a drink with Lloyd Cole last week after he sold out the city winery. We all got pissed up in the west village. My good mate Dave Derby was describing playing bass with King Cole in Brazil – playing Forest Fire for the first time as a forced fifth […]


Been fascinated by the duet. I was lucky enough to bump into to Stacey Roca in the neighborhood and we started singing a few songs together. She’s avin a baby so it’s on hold for the moment but we got one track in the bag. Send all your best vibes to Stacey and her xmas […]

Featured Artist On ReverbNation

I’m a featured artist on reverbnation this week which should ensure an xmas number 1 at least. Have a look around the site, lots of great artists.      

Come See Me In My Tree

Two sweeeet nights playing jazz inflected jazz with the incomparable Matt BasileĀ on the upright bass in the Tree Bistro. If the music was even close to being as good as the food then we were in with the greats. Matt and I managed to bring our musical styling to places we’d never been before. We’re […]

New Review… Bitter Sweet Charm

Got a review from Bitter Sweet Charm, (obviously it’s good or I wouldn’t be posting it.) I agree with everything she says… ahem.. Read it here:    

Ceol, Ceol, Gigs, Gigs

Another lovely night in Ceol in Brooklyn, great music, Niall Connolly (International Folk Hero) the ringmaster in the musical circus, great chats on the patio. Met a man who is descended from Irish Travelers that moved here in the 1600’s. Proud of his tradition and heritage. Fascinating history. Something that you don’t come across to […]

Tambourine.. Tambourine.. Living reflection of a tambourine.

While walking past my esteemed colleague in sound’s studio on 23rd st. and Madison, I called him up to bum a smoke because I don’t smoke. He enables this particular delusion as he doesn’t smoke either, much. Mid ciggy he mentions he’d acquired a vintage 12 string on E-Bay from somewhere in Nashville and would […]

This Nile Rodgers Obsession has to stop (good bit’s at the end)

Always been a huge Rodgers fan, since I was a kid. I’d been harbouring a feeling for the past few years that music had forgotten how great he is but he’s back on top again with Daft Punk, recreating the Chic sound. For me the DNA for ‘Get Lucky’ is in this track. compare it […]