Tinseltown doing the right thing?

I was out for something to eat with my friend and he was telling me about this movie he’s a producer on. He told me the story of the director traveling for two days to find the right redwood trees in California to use as a backdrop. Then he showed me the mesmerising storyboard renderings […]

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Female Singers

I had a couple of tunes knocking about that I wanted to record in a Motown style to see what would happen, but I wanted a great female vocalist to sing them. I managed to persuade the spectacular Jenna Nicholls to do it, with Spencer Cohen on Drums, Bennet PasterĀ (he’s not as moody as his […]

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Award Winners

A short movie, Angel, that I helped out on has been winning some awards. I engineered the soundtrack, played some keys and came up with a few melodies for Mark Geary who was charged with providing the music for the movie. Congratulations to everyone involved.   http://filmireland.net/2012/07/23/multiple-wins-for-angel-at-international-competitions/

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