I had a couple of tunes knocking about that I wanted to record in a Motown style to see what would happen, but I wanted a great female vocalist to sing them. I managed to persuade the spectacular Jenna Nicholls to do it, with Spencer Cohen on Drums, Bennet Paster (he’s not as moody as his pic makes him look) on keys, Nic D’Amato on Bass, Tommy Russo on trumpet (just him, he put together an amazing section on his own, the guys a real pro, one of the greatest musicians I’ve ever been in the room with) and myself on guitar. All recorded on the vintage gear at snackytime studios

I had originally had the fabulous Niamh Collins in mind for them, but unfortunately Niamh lost her voice for nearly a year and a half, tough time for the lady but she’s back in top form now. We did manage to record a blues song for a film that never got made with Zamo Riffman on bass and guitar, Dec Quinn on keys, Jordan Perlson on drums and myself on a little lead guitar at the end. Check it out, I like it, the film would have been great too.

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